Monday, 9 March 2015

Women's Day in Kazakhstan

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The Royal Treatment

International women's day is recognized world wide as a day of empowerment for women.

Never have I ever been treated like such a princess as I have on women's day in Kazakhstan. They really go out of their way to make women feel special on this day - something that is rather lacking from their society in general.

We celebrated the day in a multitude of ways, the male students prepared a performance for the female students on the Friday in the auditorium and the male teachers did the same for the female teachers on Saturday. 

The men are ready to dance!
The men created many different skits and dances to show their appreciation for the female teachers at the school. It was refreshing to see them not taking themselves too seriously and enjoying a joke or two at our expense. They put together a raffle for the female teachers as well. Note that they were raffling off household items...hmm gifts that give more work for the women to do! I won a vacuum cleaner - woohoo!

In addition to two hours of entertainment by the lovely male staff we were each treated to a long-stemmed rose; the longest roses I have ever been given.

Welcoming the Women with Roses
I appreciated that they welcomed all of the female staff, from the teachers to the teaching assistants, the chefs and the cleaning women. They do a really wonderful job of making sure each and every woman in the school feels treasured on this day.

It is amazing to see the men coming together to celebrate women. From Friday night to Sunday morning the flower shops were insanely busy, filled with men purchasing flowers for the women in their lives. They must make a killing in March!

Happy Women's Day to all my female readers!

To me women's day is about self-empowerment. So, own the day ladies, be strong, be happy and be healthy. Love yourself and your sex. United we can do amazing things. 

Source: Google Images

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