Friday, 20 March 2015

A Wrap on 24

24 was a fantastic year for me. I am not one to toot my own horn, but I found direction this year, and is finally feel like I am on track with where I would like to be moving. 

I ate some really amazing food, in many amazing places with a few amazing people. 

I've finally figured out this whole eating well thing. As in not dieting, but as in eating a balanced diet, learning to understand portion sizes, and realizing it's okay to treat yourself sometimes. 

I found yoga. I'm not a yogi by any standards and I am certainly a raw beginner, but I've come to enjoy testing my strength and learning to focus only on my body. 

I have a work-out routine that I enjoy. I have learned to enjoy running. Rather than dreading every moment on the tread mill. Again, raw beginner, but I have seen real progress in my endurance and couldnt be happier. I feel strong from lifting weights. Let me tell you, strong feels good. Mentally and physically I feel strong. 

Moving to such an isolated location has really helped me focus on myself, finally give myself the time I deserved. As a result, I have created habits that I hope will, last a life-time, figured out what I want from my life and still been able to indulge in the occasional Netflix binge watching session.

I have been busy this year, but I have been busy for myself. That is a huge difference to being busy for no good reason. 

Does this mean I am happy and carefree every day? Absolutely not. But, it does mean that I have learned to accept what I cannot change, and I am learning to let things go. Overall, I am generally happier. 

I am writing this from the Baku Airport as I wait for my flight to Tbilisi, airports are a wonderful time for self reflection -as we know there isn't much else to do. Last year, I was Dubai celebrating my birthday  with an amazing group of friends, this year I will explore a new country with two close friends. Two very different experiences but both travel related. I wonder if it will be any indication for a good year. 

I can't wait to see what 25 holds for me! 

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