Saturday, 10 January 2015

Writing Resolution

I know, I know. It has been ages since I have posted. In the past, I felt that all my posts needed to witty, or have a punch line, have something happen that was extra-funny to warrant posting for my lovely readers to read. Now, this has led to a writers-block of sorts, one that has been self-imposed in combination with a lack of motivation.

Well, I am giving myself a writing-attitude adjustment.

 I don't really go for new year's resolutions, because I think that if you really want to do or change something, you will just do it but I am making an exception this year. I am keeping it simple and attainable though...I will write more.

Writing used to be a cathartic process for me. When I fist started teaching internationally, writing in my journal helped me chronical what was happening, but also process it, helped me to understand what I was feeling. In my second year in Kuwait, it felt more like a chore, and every time I looked at the last time I posted, I felt a pang of guilt for not posting sooner. I felt that I was letting my readers down by not posting, and I didn't like that feeling. So, instead of posting I would ignore my blog. Out of sight, out of mind, right? And my Journal? Forget took me months to catch up on my summer travels and subsequently was always behind writing about other travels. It felt like something I was forcing myself to do, because for a little unpleasantness now I will thank myself in years to come.

I enjoy writing, so why haven't I been writing? I think because I want to get back to things I want to write about, not that I think I should write about.

That being said, I love having conversations, and I feel like a good way to get back to enjoying writing would be for me to have conversations with my lovely readers.

 So now I am asking a favor of you, please send me questions that you would like answered, either about life in Kuwait or Life in Kazakhstan, traveling in general or anything really.

Please e-mail me or comment questions or topics. Help me keep my resolution. I look forward to hearing from you. 

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