Saturday, 30 August 2014

Atyrau: My New Home!

Atyrau is a small city located NEAR (not on as I originally thought) to the Caspian Sea and has the Ural River running through it! So yes! You can visit both Europe and Asia in a matter of seconds, which is pretty cool. Atyrau is hot hot hot in the summer – not as hot as Kuwait but still 40 + - and coldish in the winter.

The first day after my arrival I was pretty disappointed. I expected there to be more greenery, and not look so brown. Moving away from Kuwait I was looking forward to living around more greenery.  I quickly realized that I have traded one desert landscape for another, with the added disadvantage of having a cold winter. Great...

After venturing out and exploring my little town a little more, I am starting to see that it has more to offer than I initially thought. The returning staff at my school have been absolutely wonderful in showing us around.

Two things I have learned since my arrival one week ago…

1. The whole city seems to revolove around the river. Flowergirl and I were out for a walk yesterday, and I noticed that tons of people hang out along the river, walking, bicycle riding, or fishing! It was wonderful to see.

2.  There are hidden treasures all around the city, but in most cases there is not a lot of information to be found on them, so they require an adventurous spirit.

Thankfully, I have found an adventuring partner who has been keen to explore the city with me and been very helpful in changing my mind about this new home.

See my next post about some of my adventures with my new friend, Flowergirl. 

The River at Sunset! Walking from Asia to Europe

Large Intersection leading towards the river. Beatiful flowers!

The Main Square - Celebrations for Constitutional Day
The Mosque

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