Monday, 21 July 2014

Oh, The Places You'll Go

Life is funny, it takes you where you least expect it will.

You all know that I have lived and worked in Kuwait for two years. You've seen my adventures, and come along on my journey. Next year I will be teaching in Kazakhstan, I hope that you will continue to follow my adventures and share in my mishaps with me. This will serve as my "official public announcement" of my plans. I don't really think that I am nearly important enough to need one, but I cant abandon you to wonder what I am doing with my life for the next year.

When I first entered University, I had no direction or plan. I simply enrolled in the Arts program because I liked Social Studies and English better than Math and Science in school. After a few persuasive adults told me that I would make a wonderful teacher I decided to give the Education program a whirl, the  rest is history. I learned to love what I do, though it wasn't immediate. Working in a non-native speaking country has made all the difference for me. Those who know me personally know that I love to challenge myself, and it was in the challenge of teaching 'mainstream' English to non-native speakers that I have learned to appreciate the hard work teachers do; they made me work for it, and this made me love it. I did not see myself as an English Teacher until the end of this year, after all I was trained as a social studies teacher, not an English teacher. However, after teaching both middle and high school English and Creative Writing over the last two years, though I still have much to learn, I do believe that I have earned this title.

In my first year of university, a dear friend and I enrolled in all of the same classes. Being in the arts program we had to decided on a second language, arbitrarily we chose Russian. Both of us agreed that the added challenge of learning a new alphabet would make it all the more interesting. Upon the discovery that the professor wanted us to know the alphabet prior to entering the class, even though it stated that it was for raw beginners with no previous experience, we decided that it wasn't for us and would switch to something more compatible with our brains. We chose Middle-Eastern and North African Studies, this class sounded wonderful but was a higher-level class than we could cope with in our first semester of university so again we decided against perusing it and allowed ourselves to take a 4 class semester, instead of 5 classes.

It isn't particularly strange for a first-year student to test out some classes and decide against them at a later date, but for me it is the topics that make me look back and giggle.

Taking the Middle Eastern and North African Studies class would certainly have been beneficial to my years in Kuwait, and learning Russian would certainly benefit me in a country that speaks little English over all and has a large Russian presence.

My point here is not particularly poignant, rather it is simple. If you are enrolled in a class that you think has no bearing on your life, but are interested; take it. Educate yourself how you want to be educated. Life takes us in many different directions, you've no idea what will be valuable to your future self.

Live, Learn and Enjoy.

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