Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Morocco: What We Ate

When the American and I travel together, it is all about food. Okay, maybe not really, but it is one of the things that we enjoy most. If you are travelling to a brand new place it is absolutely essential that you try the local cuisine. It is one of the best ways to experience the culture! And it is most often absolutely delicious.

1. The Best Thing I Ever Ate...

Walking along a market street in Fez's Medina
Me: (Puts nose into the air and sniffs numerous times)
The American: (Follows Suit)
Me: What is that smell?
The American: Whatever it is I want it.

Both of us hopelessly look around searching for the origin of the intoxicating odor. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a man standing at a bakery dangling something from his hand...

Baker: You want to try?

The American and I (In unison): YES!

The baker graciously allowed The American and I to try one of his sweets. Instant gratification. The most intoxicating thing I Have ever eaten. It was a deep fried pastry smothered in honey and cinnamon. Maybe there was a secret ingredient, because it was absolutely divine!  The American and I proceeded to eat about 25 of them. Worth every calorie.

2. Tagine
The whole point of a Tagine is that it is cooked in a clay pot  over coals for numerous hours until the whole dish is piping hot, the meat is tender and juicy and the flavoring has permeated everything. I highly suggest that if you have a reputable Moroccan restaurant near you, to go and try it NOW. Or you could always hop on the next flight to Casablanca and try it authentically.

The American and I tried all sorts of Tagine, Lamb Tagine, Beef Tagine, Citrus Chicken Tagine - none disappointed....Well except the one from the dodgy restaurant under the waterfall...all I will say is the American and I were glued to the toilet for more than a minute after we arrived back at the Riad. Gross.

3. Roasted Chicken - Street Style

Street food is the best way to eat in Morocco, it is cheap, it is delicious and it is easy to find.

I know, I know - this doesn't seem very adventurous, but seriously, whatever the Moroccans do to their chicken I thoroughly enjoy.

We had chicken with similar spicing cooked two ways. The first was over open coals - I swear, everything cooked in this way is so much better, and the second was rotisserie style. Both were mouth wateringly juicy and packed full of flavor. The American and I were silent during both meals as we enjoyed our food too much to talk.

4. Some-sort of red sausage sandwich.

YUM. This was fabulous. In their homemade bread the sandwich artist served up a delicious sausage sandwich with caramelized onions and mushrooms. The American and I stood in the middle of the street and literally inhaled these. They were to die for.

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