Monday, 4 November 2013


I am an expatriate.

I have found that when using the language of those who live abroad some are confused when I call myself an 'expat' or 'expatriate,' so just to clarify - I believe an expat is a person who willingly chooses to live away from their home country in order to experience another culture and way of life. So, by being an 'expat' you are choosing to live, breath and thrive in a different culture.

I am still a proud Canadian.

There are many things about Canada that I miss, and although it may appear that I live a jet-setting, glamorous lifestyle that is not entirely the case. Yes, I have many more opportunities to travel around the globe because I am an expat. One of the main factors is proximity - have you seen how far away Canada is from everything? Plus it is HUGE! You can spend your whole life travelling and never leave Canada - another is the benefit of an international contract. I do however work hard for the money that I bank and I believe that I earn the special trips that I am privileged enough to take.

I love living in Kuwait.

I believe that I have embraced a lot of Kuwaiti culture and have experienced a lot of what Kuwait has to offer. No I am not just talking about restaurants and shisha café's, but those are pretty great too. I made sure to make local friends. This is very important when becoming an 'expat,' you need to know how the other half live. My students have taught me a lot about their culture and continue to surprise me daily. Their unique perspectives are breadcrumbs, that I hungrily gobble up.

I have experienced Kuwait.

For the most part, if someone asks me how to get somewhere, or where something is I am able to direct them. I spend a lot of time 'out' exploring the small country. A lot of my time spent out is in the bigger cities further north but  I have also driven across the country to the Iraq border, gone south to the Chalet area and have gone west into the desert to camp. I think it is a shame that there are some people who live here from other countries that NEVER experience Kuwait. They stay in their apartment, go to work, come home, eat, sleep and repeat. They have ideas about Kuwait that are completely false, and inaccurate and subsequently keep to themselves.  Kuwait has a lot to offer you, but you have to actively seek it out.

I live abroad.

To me this is the difference between an 'expat' and simply 'living abroad.'  To be an expat means you are choosing to embrace and settle into a new lifestyle, rather than spending your time how you spend it at home - in another country.

I am an expatriate.

Monday, 2 September 2013

Back in Kuwait!

After a glorious summer lounging on beaches in Bali, travelling around Australia and spending some quality time with my family in Canada and getting my fill of country music: I am back and in action in Kuwait!

I know it has been a long time since I have blogged - but I was too busy living this summer to settle down to a computer and write up my daily going on's. I totally had a serious case of writer's block too.

So - since my last update I will fill you in on what you have missed.

The new boy I mentioned in may (now to be called CPU) and I had a horrendous fight right before I left - leaving me with little to no hope or desire to re-kindle a romance after a summer apart, not to mention some saucy escapades around the world this summer.

However CPU and I continued to talk over the summer and our friendship has grown. He mentioned that he wants to date in-exclusively and I can respect that, after dating exclusively got us absolutely no where, but I am not sure if I like that idea. I have told him that I will think about it and let him know when I am read, IF I am ever ready for that.

Work has started again and is in full swing - very excited for this year to start!! I can only hope that it is as much fun as last year. There are always new challenges when moving into a new role and new responsibilities, but I could not be MORE excited!

The new Expats have arrived at work, and they seem like a really cool bunch. I am sure you will hear more about them here!

The American has moved a ways away so I am disappointed that I don't get to see her as much as last year. However, true friends stay true and I am sure that we will do so!

In short, things are different but not so different - I can't wait to see what shenanigans I get up to this year.

Stay tuned for more of life in Kuwait this year! I will try to focus more of daily life, where and what to eat and all the juicy details!

Saturday, 25 May 2013

What a Wonderful Week!

Here is a quick update on my life as we know it.

1. School is winding down - all revision this week in preparation of final exams - and the days just seem to be flying by! To me it seems absolutely crazy that I have been a teacher for a whole academic year! Where did the time go? Didn't I JUST graduate?! 

2. I have been having more fun than EVER! For a few reasons we have started to be invited to more gatherings and functions recently. I have met an entirely new group of people that are completely fun. I've never shared more laughs than I have with this group of people. 

3. Things are looking up in the romance department. I have met a new man, and he is wonderful to me. We have just started seeing each other so I don't want to jinx things by saying too much. But I am very happy - and looking forward to seeing what happens! 

It seems a shame that all this is happening at the end of the year. But, I would not change any single experience that I have had. Between all of the traveling, the ups and downs, the friends I have made and good times we've shared it had truly been a beautiful year! 

I'm looking forward to an amazing last three weeks! Promise to keep you posted! 

Sunday, 12 May 2013

A 'Most Memorable Night'

The Flapper 

At the risk of posting this only for my own amusement;  here is a tale of one of the most interesting car rides I have ever had.

So, everyone has that person - you know, THAT ONE -  who occasionally wanders into your circle of friends. No one really knows how they were introduced to the group, and thankfully they don't manage to make it out very often because although they bring something special to the group, they are a hard pill to swallow. 

Our group of friends has adopted one who we have dubbed 'Talkkie' due to his inability to stop flapping his gums for more than the time it takes to inhale.

After a mediocre shisha experience at Free Time - Talkkie's choice, by the way - in Salamiya (The shisha was pretty awful and the service totally horrid, the atmosphere was more suited to couples than a big group), everyone was ready to call it a night. Upon finding out that The Oilman has recently acquired a vehicle, Talkkie asked for a ride. The Oilman, being the nice guy that his is, scrambled for any excuse not to take him and after coming up empty, obliged.


We graciously allowed Talkkie to take the front seat - abandoning The Oilman to his flapping ways. True to his name and reputation he didn't stop talking - at all. We tried various polite methods to get him to quiet down. At first, it was simple - The Oilman turned the music up progressively in hopes that he would just listen and enjoy - that failed. He simply talked louder and louder over top of the music.

It was around this time when I managed to give myself a head rush from holding in my laughter. I leaned forward with my hand over my face. I was sitting in the middle seat of the back, so this gave The Oilman a good view of me through the rear view mirror. 

The Oilman noticed and asked if I had a head ache in an I-am-asking-but-really-I-am-telling-you way. Upon agreement I said, "Yes indeed I do have a head ache."

The Oilman then suggested that everyone be really quiet so that I would feel better, as he turned the music waaaaay down.  Talkkie responded, "I'm only here to help."

That lasted all of two breaths and he resumed his babbling at nauseum in a whisper. Meanwhile Brontosaurus Legs and The American were using my back as a shield to their silent laughter.  We were all thinking HOW DOES THIS GUY JUST NOT GET IT?!?!

Possibly the most obvious method of attempting to get talkkie to stop came from The American. After my 'headache' ruse had dissolved in a fit of giggles, Talkkie returned to talking at full volume. To which the American interjected:

"Hey, let's play a game. Me and my mom used to play it - it's my favorite. It's called the quiet game. The first person to talk loses. Ready?! GO!"

The moment the American said 'GO!' Talkkie resumed his babble. The American then stated at full volume 'YOU LOSE!' Needless to say that Brontosaurus Legs, The American and I burst into full-scale laughter. Unbelievable - tears were streaming down our faces. I truly don't believe that any of us had laughed that hard or that long in a while.

All of our laughter caused The Oilman to miss the direction from Talkkie about the correct turn.  It was easily corrected, however, as we were in a round-about. Talkkie scoffed at our juvenile behavior and stated pompously to The Oilman "It's okay, you probably couldn't hear me because THEY were talking TOO much!" This caused another fit of giggles to erupt in the back seat - it was uncontrollable.

The American boisterously replied " WE WERE TALKING TOO MUCH?!?! OH MY GOSH." She was simply flabbergasted that he would make this statement - as we all were.

We FINALLY made it to his place - after taking us through the scenic route where he pointed out his workplace and EVERYTHING in between.

As he was getting out of the car, we were all sitting silently and he paused dramatically, with a big shit-eating-grin on his face said, "Well, thank you guys. It has been the most memorable evening!" As the door shut we all erupted with uncontrollable laughter.

Monday, 29 April 2013

Destination: Doha!

A Weekend Getaway!

When I found out a good friend - K - from Canada was making the trip to Doha to visit her parents (also living the expat life) I had an impromptu dance party and immediately made travel arrangements. I could NOT BELIEVE I was getting to see her and on THIS side of the world none the less!

Our friendship has developed from being friends of friends to occasional drinking partners to study buddies and weightless partners. Today I see her as a sister that pushes me to be better, stronger and smarter.  Sure it has been almost a year since I was able to see her, but what is the small matter of time to good friends? She is the kind of friend that I could call any moment of any day  (even if it had been 30 years) and it would be as though nothing has changed. I would do the same for her.  Anyway - enough with the sappy stuff.

Best believe I was on that plane as quickly as I could humanly manage after school and dancing in my seat the whole way there (Sorry Mr. 18 C)! Not only was I going to see K, BUT I would also get to explore a beautiful country! 

I arrived at the Airport to K holding up THE BIGGEST welcome sign. Just the most adorable experience ever. I literally RAN towards her - yea yea we all know I am a dork. If the car ride to their home was any indication it was going to be a weekend full of laughter and incomprehensible conversations. After talking each other's ears off the whole way home - and her mum's - we settled in for another long chat over a glass or three of wine. Something that we both love and enjoy together - a good (or cheap) bottle (or box) of wine. 

Dune Bashing, a Wonderful Museum,and Souk-ing.

We woke up pretty early on Thursday and headed right out to the desert to go dune driving on those beautiful white sand hills. This is an experience that I would HIGHLY recommend to anyone! It feels like a mixture of a roller coaster and falling off a cliff (or so I can only imagine). We asked our driver to go all out and he was more than willing to oblige. He knew the limits of his car and at no time did I feel unsafe. It was a very enjoyable day. We dubbed me the squawker - because I didn't quite scream when I was nervous but I did make a sound a little like a chicken.

We immediately returned to our insane/dorky selves and took many a picture trying to do yoga and jumping in the desert ( I only wish I had the patience to post all 1000000 failed attempts - as they are quite funny). We spend the day in and out of the car, taking pictures, playing volley ball, exploring the ocean and laughing - there was SO MUCH laughing! 

The Museum of Islamic Art

We spend Friday at the Museum of Islamic Art in Doha. It is an incredibly beautiful building. You could spend all day exploring the architectural features and not even make it to the exhibits. If you are heading to the area it is something that you MUST see. Even if museums 'aren't your thing.' The collection ranges across many era's in Islamic art and across many countries. But it is not overwhelming. The way things are displayed allows you to take in a little of each and then a little more. It is not overflowing with information at each section  - it gives you just enough to inform you and allow you to absorb what you are seeing and reading. It is a wonderful experience and I will definitely be going back!

After we lost ourselves in the museum for more than a few hours we headed over to Souk Wadif. While I have been to many souks, this is probably my favorite. All the original buildings have been refurbished and look stunning. I really appreciate being able to envision how it looked when it was the CBD of a city. The old alley ways are still there and are winding and confusing as all get out to navigate. But this is what I find so interesting. While to shopping is similar to most souks in this region, there are some interesting points and a few unique items to be found. It is absolutely worth spending a few hours exploring!

The rest of out weekend was spend sipping sangria in the sunshine by the pool, shopping and catching up! I could not have asked for a more perfect weekend or more gracious hosts. Felt the family love and was glad to be able to visit with everyone!

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Living in Kuwait: How 'real' is life?

I have been doing a lot of thinking lately...a dangerous game, I know. Thinking about my job, my life here in Kuwait. I've been wondering if I have made the right decision in staying on for another year recently. I must admit, I have been a little homesick.

Maybe it is just because school has been hectic and the final push of the year is upon us. Maybe it is because those friends of mine who are still in University are all finishing up school and finals and getting ready to head back to their hometowns for the summer - and I am still here working away.

I have been thinking about how much my life would change if I were to take a job in Alberta, and bide my time waiting for a teaching position to open up that is made for me (a fantasy, I know). 

Well, in Kuwait I have certain luxuries that lead me to often ask the question: "Is my life real?" Certainly I go to work everyday, I earn a salary, I take work home, I grade papers, I create appropriate assessments for my students; BUT, my household responsibilities are significantly less than what I would have living in Canada. 

I equate living in Kuwait as something of a fantasy - the cost of living for me here is dramatically reduced thanks to an international contract. I think that it will be difficult to adjust to what is 'normal' for most people. 

Let me run it down for you: this year I have been able to afford to travel for extended periods to Thailand and Sri Lanka. I have also been able to take weekend getaways to Bahrain, Doha, and Dubai. I was able to afford to fly all the way home for Christmas. I will also be spending a month travelling to Indonesia and Australia this summer before finally making my way home to Canada for two months. Some parts of these trips have been generously paid for by others - for which I am grateful, but the majority of my travel expenses have been covered out of my own pocket. 

The memories of these trips, the delightful experiences I have been lucky enough to take part in, and the cultural enrichment that I have gained are incalculable. 

 My experience as a teacher has been wonderful here. I believe that I have grown as teacher and as a person. I don't believe that I was ever closed minded, but I do believe that living over here has really made me open my eyes and look at everything with a fresh view. 

My worldly knowledge has gained exponentially and I pay more attention to news abroad and back home than I ever have before.

I may have been able to afford some of the same experiences living and working in Alberta, but would I have taken the opportunity? Living out here has taught me one thing: take advantage of any opportunity to better yourself. Travelling is one of those opportunities.

So, while life my not be the same as in Alberta that doesn't make it any less real. I truly believe that moving across the world has made me appreciate how global society is, and how lucky I have been to experience many different cultures. 

If I am able to do so much in one year, what is possible in my second year?

I suppose this serves as my official announcement that I will be moving back to Kuwait after a summer at home. Can't wait to see what the rest of this year and next year will bring!

So, If you are considering moving to Kuwait or anywhere abroad I say: Go for it! The memories will last a life time and you will not be disappointed that you went for the opportunity! 

Monday, 25 March 2013

Two Weeks in Thailand: Part Two!

Top 3: Favorite Adventures in Thailand

There were so many fabulous moments it is very difficult to select just a short list to share with you. After thinking long and hard these are the few that I came up with.

Two million bats leaving their cave!
1. Trekking through Khao Yai National Park

Jersey Girl and I decided on making a trip up to the National Park - we both were craving adventure in the Jungle and to see some wild life up close and personal! Turns out this was the BEST part of out trip (in my opinion). 

In doing some research we stumbles upon Greenleaf Guesthouse and Tours ( In addition to having very reasonably priced rooms they run a One and a Half day tour in the National Park. Their guides are extremely knowledgeable and a lot of fun to be around. The guides make the tour exceptionally interesting and fun!

Rock formation in the Bat Cave
The first day of the tour you head out to a local swimming hole in the late afternoon - the view isn't so nice but the water is beautifully refreshing!  The next stop is an underground temple to explore a bat cave! The monks use the bat cave temple for meditation and seclusion. After looking at the bats in the cave, you head up to a ridge to watch an astounding 2 million bats leave their cave to hunt for food! The sight is breathtaking. They fly out in a line and twirl and move as one - it is beautiful.


Buffalo Spider

Day two is the full day tour and is packed with animal spotting, Jungle walking and fun information. You trekk about 5 KM's through the jungle, see various forms of insects and reptiles, monkeys and birds. If you are lucky - which we happened to be - you will see a wild Elephant or two! You trekk up to a ridge for lunch head out to a waterfall and then spend the last part of the day driving around the national park enjoying the scenery and hoping for more animal encounters. My description does not do the tour justice as it is impossible to put into words how fantastic it truly is. 

 Beautiful Waterfall that you end the day with
Wild Male Elephant!

2. Snorkeling Tour in Koh Chang Marine National Park 

On this delightful day the entire day is spent on the ocean speed boating from Island to Island and snorkeling at each stop! The fish are similar at each stop but the rock formations under the water were quite different and very cool.

The tour includes pick up and drop off to your hotel on Koh Chang - something that is much appreciated!  ( You leave for the tour from Kai Bae Marina and head out into that deep blue landscape for a day on the water. Once again, the tour guides are wonderful, very lively and always trying to entertain guests - I think this is just part of how the Thai people are.
Koh Wai

The last disembark of the day is Koh Wai - a little slice of Paradise. If I head back to this area of Thailand anytime soon I would spend much more time here. From the small bungalows to the white sand beach and the very relaxed atmosphere this is the place to really kick off your shoes and relax. The coconut trees almost grow right up to the water - it is simply stunning.
Mamas with their Babies!

On the way back to the Marina you stop to feed a local family of Monkeys on the rocks of an Island. They are too cute and it is really a heart-warming way to end your day!

3. Exploring Kao San Raod and Area

One of my favorite things to do when I get to a new city is gather my bearings and people watch especially in the area that I will be staying in. After Jersey Girl and I checked into out hostel, ditched our bags and waited for the shower [there is nothing worse than an out of water shower right when you get off the plane], we headed out for some face time with our new surroundings.

We stayed on Kao San Road in Bangkok. This is like grand central station for tourists. Everything from the cheap clothing stands to the pubs are specifically designed to lure tourists into their layer. I will be the first to admit that it workds. After spending one evening out on the 'town' on Kao San Rad I had no desire to search for a different sort of nightlife anywhere.

The best food in Bangkok can be found here, as well as super cheap drinks, wonderful live music, exotic food choices, and any type of souvenir you could ever want. Tourist paradise, once you have found your way around!

My trip was phenomenal  and these are just three of my favorite moments! If you are heading to Thailand anytime soon, these are MUST-Do's!

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Two Weeks in Thailand! Part One.

A two week winter holiday means one thing for me, going somewhere HOT! I was tired of the mild and balmy weather and ready for some sunshine. Though, I probably wont be saying that for much longer, and will probably be wishing for the opposite.

I am not a lay on the beach and  get a sun tan for 10 days kind of girl. I do enjoy the heat, mixed with cultural or environmental experiences, and a little surf and sand time is always welcome.

Two weeks is quite the long time to be away, so rather than giving you a day by day run down of what I did and ate I am going to provide you with a few Top 5 lists for your reading pleasure.

Top 5: Favorite Thai Foods to Eat

1.Pad Thai

This delicious and filling food is pretty decent anywhere you get it. A mixture of noodles, veggies, fried egg, and your choice of meat with a light sauce combine to make a tasty morsel! 

Yum. Yum. Yum
Make sure you use the four different accouterments that a solid pad thai place or cart provides you with (fish sauce, sugar, chilies and vinegar). They really change the taste of the dish as a whole - and you can change the dish to your specific taste. The best places to get Pad Thai are the street carts - I know, they look a little (okay, maybe a lot) dodgy but you just need to grin, pick one and go for it. DONT miss out. You will not regret it!

Some of the best places to eat street pad thai are along Kao San Road - there are tons of options and all busy enough to make you feel secure in eating their food. 

My rating: 5 Street cart vendors out of Five

2. Mangoes With Sticky Rice

Seriously, whoever came up with this delicious desert/snack has my eternal gratitude and is a genius. Mangoes on their own are delicious  and sticky rice a fantastic invention, combine the two together and add a little coconut milk and you have a scrumptious, refreshing and filling dish. 
Sweet and Creamy with a Grain supplement! YUMMY!

I personally like to cut up the mango and drench it in the coconut milk and then eat it with the sticky rice, but you have to find your own way with this one!

My rating: 5 peeled mangoes out of 5

3.Chicken and Pineapple, Baked in a Pineapple
Looks and tasted delectable!

So, I am not actually sure if this is a standard Thai dish, or the one restaurant we went to just happened to have it on their menu, BUT it was FANTASTIC. I love chicken, I love pineapple and this was just the perfect combination of the two. Not only does it combine the chicken and pineapple, but it also has rice, corn, raisins and some other veggies in it. Super YUM! I would eat it again for sure! Plus it looks cute, and who doesn't like cute looking food?

My rating: 4 baked pineapples out of 5

4. Thai Green Curry

My own creation in my cooking class!
WARNING: If you do not like spicy food make sure you tell your server for MILD spice. As a tourist you will get  the less spicy version anyway, but it can still pack a punch!

Green curry is made with green curry past, chilies, an assortment of veggies, coconut milk and meat. While the heat can be intense it is seriously tasty and you should 100% give it the ol' college try!

My rating: 5 Mini Egg plants out of 5

5. Spicy Fish Salad 

Warning: Only those who LOVE spice should attempt to eat!

A combination of all sorts of ocean creatures and, of course, veggies, mixed with a very SPICY dressing. Not for the cool of tongue.


My rating: 5 Hot chillies out of 5

I hope that you enjoy some of these foods as much as I have!

Thursday, 7 February 2013

House of Mirrors Kuwait

Last week I had a friend from home visit me here in Kuwait! Not only was it wonderful to spend with a good friend, but her visit also gave me a little push to see more of Kuwait.

I had heard of a place called the House of Mirrors located somewhere in Kuwait. All I knew about it was that it was a lady who decided one day to plaster her walls with bits of mirror.

When Jbean told me that she had booked her ticket and confirmed her dates with me and I began hunting for things to show her - I immediately thought to take her on this tour. I had been wanting to go and when else would be a better time?

It is really easy to get a hold of Lidia, the lady who made the house, and set up a tour time. As long as there isn't any one else scheduled on that day she is more than happy to accommodate you. She is the most wonderful little Italian woman!

I was expecting beauty when I went, but I was unprepared for the unique exquisiteness that is displayed throughout her home. The craftsmanship, long hours, and dedication that it must have taken to complete such a majestic masterpiece is unfathomable.

I don't want to spoil the visit for you if you go - because you MUST go at some point or another so I will simply tell you that as you go through the house you visit different corners of the earth represented in pictures made with the Mirrors.

The tour takes about 3 hours and is well worth your time. Lidia has some very interesting perspectives to share with her art and with her discussion! If you want to have your mind opened this is a place to go!

Lidia, the artist.

I love the lighting effects that sparkle with the mirrors!

I NEED this blinged out library!

AND this staircase.

Lidia's Contact Information
House 17, Street 94, Block 9
Qadisiya, Kuwait

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Dating in Kuwait: Easier Done Than Said - Part I - A His & Hers Perspective

Well, I know that it has been a while since I have posted but after spending Christmas at home in Canada, I was lacking inspiration to write.

I am finding it difficult to transition my blog from being about all NEW experiences to being about every day life in Kuwait. I guess I am scared to lose the funny-deer-in-the-headlights angle.

I know there are many 'new experiences' that I have yet to encounter, however they are becoming fewer and farther between.

In the meantime, I am giving you some juicy details about my dating life in Kuwait.

The Spark of Interest.

A few weeks into the semester a new teacher arrived late to school. My principal told me to swing by and make sure he was settling into the teacher's apartments and to extend the proverbial olive branch of friendship.

Dutifully, as the nice person I am, I enlisted the American accompany me to head over to welcome him to our small cluster of friends - but really to see if he was worthy of joining our circle aka a fine piece of ass.

He answered the door with a confused look on his face - possibly wondering who the hell these girls were - but after we introduced ourselves and rudely invited ourselves in, he was quick with the smiles and easy with the chatter.

The conversation started flowing between Brontosaurus Legs and I. I could feel the intensity of his stare throughout the conversation and slow warmth of a blush creeping up my neck as we talked. I soon noticed that Brontosaurus Legs and I were deep in conversation while the American just looked on...I tried to include her but he kept  pulling me into his one-on-one.

Upon leaving his apartment the American commented "Well, I may as well NOT have been there. Girl, he had eyes only for you."

While he captured my attention, I didn't really think too much about him after we left.

It started with a Sunset.

A couple days later Brontosaurus Legs asked if I would go for a walk down to the beach with him. I wasn't sure if it qualified as a date or not. BUT as the American informed me if a guy asks you to hang out mono y mono AND walk down to the beach it definitely qualifies as a date. So I put some nice clothes on and did my girl thang and was looking good.

We moseyed slowly (well his version of slow - I had to pick up the pace to keep up with his LONG legs, seriously how do legs even get that long?) towards the beach, stopping to take pictures of interesting signage and landmarks along the way. [Seriously, could I be more of a tourist?] Yea, I know how cliche.

The conversation really flowed between the two of us. I soon discovered that he was very intelligent  and we truly had a lot in common regarding educational and personal beliefs. I think I learned more about him in those couple hours than I know about some of my life long friends - he is open, honest and super easy to talk to. The walk turned into coffee which turned into a movie at my place late. Oh hush, I know what you are thinking  -  all we did was kiss.

The Dance of Indecision  

When it comes to relationships I am what you could equate with a deer in the forest: move to quickly and I will scamper off through the trees. Brontosaurus Legs was cool with this and we danced around what could have been a relationship for a few months.

I ran hot and cold while battling my inner monologue of yes - no - maybe -I don't know. Things are never simple and yet when I was around him everything seemed easy.

By this point our group of friends had grown to a solid five and I was trying not to make things awkward. So we continued to hang out but not really move past the friends-not-really-just-friends barrier.

I was in my 'no - maybe' phase when he professed his true feelings towards another friend at a gathering. We are girls: yesssss she told me. 

Brontosaurus Legs was acting very rudely towards myself and others. How can a guy who is SOO incredibly nice and cool when act like SUCH a tool? The highlight of the night was when he accidentally punched me in the face. He was gesturing at something or to someone, and his gangly arm - long arms + off balance = punch to the lip and BAM right in the kisser. Needless to say I was less than impressed. Royally pissed off is more like it.

Part II comes somewhere in here.

Yes, I was mad. But, he was not himself. I got over it after a couple of days and we resumed our polka eventually.

A few more incidences happened along the way, but he shared something with me about himself that brought some light to the situation. Or in other words explained his doucheness. Everything sort of came together for me then. It didn't scare me away, though his running-wasted-around-Fahaheel nearly cave me a myocardial infarction. Yes, I watch Grey's-so-I-Think-I'm-a-doctor.

I decided that my indescision wasn't fair to him. It had been two months or so of hot-cold-yes-no-maybe-so and I figured if I wasn't sure at this point then I had no right to hold him on the line.

Like a royal douche I texted him and told him. Bad me - It was a conversation that should have been had in person. BUT, I was scared that if we talked about it in person that I would get sucked into his baby blue eyes and loose my resolve.

So, there is my dating adventure number one from my perspective. Brontosaurus Legs and I remain very good friends and he has graciously asked to guest blog about how he felt during our time together!

Dating sucks.

Salam alecomb. Welcome to the first guest blog on The Writer’sblog site.  This is the man known asBrontosaurus for some strange reason, and I am not The Writer.

 First, I have to saythat I am nowhere close to the writer that she is, so being prepared. She is agreat writer, and I may not even be able to make coherent sentences sometimes.I hate writing. I really do. I will survive this one time to serve as acounterpoint to what The Writer is writing about. I am sure she will do anhonest and objective account of life in Kuwait, but this will be a lot of funto do. So let’s talk about dating and romance and all that fun in the desertsun. 

I moved to Kuwait in the middle of September because Ineeded a change from what I was doing in the states and because I always wantedto travel and do cool stuff. The third day was when The Writer and the Americancame over to say hello to me. It was so weird having other white people to talkto. The Writer was/is smart, funny, and wicked cool and I immediately thoughtshe was interesting.  The American was onher phone the entire time and was boring. I don’t really “like” girls and if Ido, I have to be able to have a conversation with them. It sounds kind ofdouche to say that but I don’t find many girls interesting and easy to talk to.

So the next(?) day, I asked if she would like to go for awalk. We got along great, and since The Writer will probably read this, I won’tsay anything nice about her. She doesn’t need a big ego. After that we kind ofstarted this strange back and forth thing where we wouldn’t actually go ondates but we would still be interested in each other. I was so flippingconfused here, because I have always been of the mindset that if you likesomeone and they like you back then fuck it, and it’ll work out, but The Writerdidn’t really know what she wanted. As in if she wanted a friend or somethingelse. We never did anything more than kiss because she wanted to go slow, and Irespected that( I actually did too but I never told her that) I was veryconfused cause I liked her a lot but we never went over that weird more thanfriends but not dating jump thing. I am sure I wasn’t as clear as I should havebeen too by the way.

Ok so here is where things got decided for sure, becausethere was a thing that I did that was pretty stupid. It’s kind of hard tounderstand and really hard for me to talk about but yay internet fake anonymity  Before I say what happened, I kind of have to mention somethingabout me that I don’t like to talk about. I have a “mental illness” and it affectseverything I do in my life. I put it in quotes because I hate calling it that,(its an illness, makes it sound like the fucking flu) and because it doesn’tmatter what the actual term for it is. I don’t tell people because I get tworeactions, they get scared about me which is a terrible feeling, or they feelbad for me which is even worse.

So that part about me sucks, because of all the fun thingsthat have made my life interesting from hallucinating my dead mom talking to meto sending myself to the hospital more times than I would like to admit. (Morethan 0 is bad just so you know) I have good days and bad days but I’ve beengood about taking my pills for it though and have not had an episode in over 4years. I still get depressive episodes and that kind of stuff but I’ll takethat over the other stuff. The problem is that the stuff I got to take for itis rough on my body with all of the side effects. Haldol in particular. So alot of the time, I feel either numb or nauseous. I’ve been taking it for 15+years so vie gotten used to it, which is weird. Certain activities make me feel normal and better about myself.

Ok so I met the people at a party ato celebrateAmerican’s birthday. It was at some guys apartment but its Kuwait sowhat are you going to do. Any who The Writer mentioned something to me that wascode for she wanted to go over that more than friends, jump thing. I was reallyhappy and excited -  but was feeling a little numb. I turned into a complete asshole out of myself. What happenedwas instead of spending the night with someone I cared about, I got upset, got depressed, decided I wanted to be alone suddenly while I was in a car, andran away from my friends around 3 in the morning around the neighborhood. I wandered, miraculously not getting arrested and lost everything I had onme, apartment keys included. So I turned up at The Writer’s apartment and sleptfor a bit and then ashamedly went off. The Writer was very rightly mad at meand disappointed in me. I felt and still feel incredibly bad about making myfriends get worried about me. That is my most hated thing about it. I got tospend the rest of the day in the stairwell of my building waiting for alocksmith to let me in. I got to stew about what a jackass I was. Shortlyafter, I got a text from her saying that she didn’t want to lose me as a friendand didn’t want to go out with me. Can’t blame her in the slightest either isthe thing. I was an incredible dick to the people I care about.

So that is my story of what happened in my “romance” in thedesert, if you can call it that. That happened about 2-3 monthsago and I feel better about myself. I pushed myself more into my work and I amreally proud about what I have accomplished with my students. Some days cansuck more than others, but I am doing better. Still love Kuwait and I’m makingbetter decisions.

Hope you enjoyed our 'dating'(?) misadventure.