Friday, 14 September 2012

Good Tips, Funnier Stories.

A few good tips have been passed onto since I have arrived. Some of it has sparked some interesting events,and funny stories. I will keep this post ongoing as more and more tips come my way, so that when you come to Kuwait, you are prepared!

1. "You will get honked at and cat called. You're white, cute and female. Don't turn your head or give any indication that you've heard. It only encourages them, they can be persistent."

This is very true. I did not believe it at first but it is! It is unnerving. Just remember when walking outside keep your eye ahead of you, don't look at anyone, and most important of all - don't make eye contact.

2. You will get used to the heat, but you will not get used to the smell.

A myriad of smells have given my nasal passages a workout since I have arrived in Kuwait. There is the stench of garbage baking in the sun on my way to school in the morning when I walk past the dumpster. There is the stench of sewage when you walk by certain areas of the sea (they dump raw sewage into parts of it), and finally the smell of food cooking throughout the apartment building. These cooking smells are not always pleasant or unpleasant, they are simply always there. A vanilla scented candle and a wallflower unit pumping out "Aloha Vanilla" have made my apartment smell lovely and remind me of home.

The worst smell to reach my olfactory sense so far happened to cross my path on Tuesday. The American and I headed to Al Kout Pier for some sightseeing, shopping and to grab some grub.  We were admiring the water feature outside of the mall when a strange smell started to creep towards us. Now, seeing as how these unpleasant odors often come from outside we gradually started making our way to the side of the pier that we hadn't explored yet. As the smell started to intensify and our gag reflexes started to kick in we scurried, holding our breath, right along.

Just ten more feet...five more feet...two more...IN! Finally, deep breath in! Oh my goodness.

What IS that?!!?

It was awful...taking a look at our surroundings we saw that we had entered a meat market.

Fish to the left, beef to the right, live chickens (LIVE CHICKENS?!?) at the end of the hall.

Now, a sight to see it may be...but it smells awful. Like meat that has been left to bake in the sun, mixed with the smell of blood. Not good my friends. It was a smell to linger in my nostrils for hours. No matter what I did I could not get rid of it!

My tip to you: Always ensure that you have a spot of perfume just under your nose when you leave your apartment!

3. Always have a light sweater or Cardigan with you; Otherwise you will freeze when you enter a building. The A/C is THAT good!

Fact. My apartment is freezing, my classroom is freezing and any public building you enter will be col. It may be 40 degrees outside, but it is quite chilly inside. Yes, it is enjoyable for that initial relief from the heat, but after a while I start to shiver.

For a while, the temperature regulator in my apartment wasn't working. No matter what I did, the fan kept blowing cold air all day, every day. Needless to say, I went from school professional attire to comfy sweats and a hoodie, and dove under the blankets as quickly as possible. Still shiverring; and unpleasant.

After a few attempts, multiple stare downs and hitting the regulator a few times I managed to get it off the fan and onto automatic. Thank goody-gumdrops. I now can sit in my apartment without my hoodie and sweats on!

Here are some pictures of Al Kout Pier for your enjoyment.

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