Sunday, 23 September 2012

Fruit & Veggies

So, aside from my last washing experience things have been pretty quiet around here. There are somethings that just aren't that different about living in a foreign country, and there are some that are! Today I am going to talk about groceries.

For all immediate needs I just run to the local ' Bacala' - there are about 5 within a 2 minute walking distance.

Bacala's have all your basic necessities: laundry detergent, peanut butter, milk, eggs, nutella, eggs, some fruit and veggies, olive oil, pepper, other spices, and ice cream.

You have to imagine the size.
These stores are TINY they are so small that it is uncomfortable for two people to be in them at once. They usually have two aisles with a center rack stuffed with goods separating them. they are absolutely STUFFED with goods to buy. They utilize ALL the space up the walls, any bit of floor that isn't necessary for walking on is dedicated to stuff. It is amazing the amount of things that you can find in them. Almost anything you need!

I go to a place called Sultan Center for my groceries, similar to any Safeway back home. There are most of the same products...but they randomly also sell runners, and home goods, and actually almost anything you need. Maybe it is more like a Superstore or Walmart, without the benefit of cheap prices. It is a very nice grocery store, but alas they only have International delight coffee cream, not my favorite Coffee Mate!

For fruits and veggies it is best to go to the local market because they have cheaper prices. You are then also buying local produce (though how they grow it in the desert is beyond me...), making me feel like a better person - despite the fact that I guzzle bottled water like it is going out of style.

The market is a large hall with lots of stands. They all sell pretty much the same selection- pre-wrapped portions of fruit and veggies in Styrofoam and saran wrap, for the same price. It is the quality you have to hunt around for. The men (yes, ALL men) shout at you to come over to their stand

"Miss please, fruit! I have some nice pomegranates!" 
                      "Tomato! Cucumber! Avacado!"                           
                                                "Grapes! Apples! Come miss!"

The sounds of their voices all overlap and it is very overwhelming, you just have to tune them out, select your stand and try to ignore the grumbles when you pick one that isn't theirs. I don't like how I am unable to touch the fruit I want to buy, it makes it harder to ensure that you are getting good ones.

The experience of going into the market alone, it enough to make you want to turn away. But once you taste their oh man is being shouted at by 50 men ever worth it!

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