Monday, 17 September 2012

Drowning in My Bathroom

So, being a lifeguard back home has given me some useful information regarding water safety. Not much of which is applicable to daily life...However, some of these tidbits do come in handy. Such as "it only takes two inches of stagnant water to drown."

After being here a week, with limited amounts of clothing, and a necessity to look good every day the time came to do laundry.

Now, laundry is the same everywhere right? Put in clothes, turn machine on, wait, buzzer sounds, take clothes out, hang up. Simple process.

Well, apparently not.  I mean, why would it be!? Everything has a learning curve.

Clothes in. Soap in [this took some figuring out as I had never used powdered laundry detergent before, and the label was mostly in Arabic.] Turn washer to "Normal Soiled" and turn on.....

Nothing Happens...repeatedly push button. Still doesn't work. Ugh, Okay. 

Is it plugged in? Yes. Hmmmm....Oh yea..electricity. 

The electricity to certain outlets is controlled by the light swtich...I only know this because once I accidentally unplugged my fridge [ooooooops].

Electricity on. Washing Machine ON! Hooray for laundry...Walk away. Usually Laundry takes about an hour, so as an hour passed and I still heard the machine chugging away I went to check on it. Little to my knowledge....SPLAT! There is water ALL over the floor, causing me to slip and fall right on my bum. Ouch.

Turns out that the washing machins in Kuwait are NOT attached to the pipe system. No, they just drain out a hose in the back!

Now I understand WHY there is a drain in the middle of my bathroom floor! [Light Bulb]!

Lesson learned for next time; affix the host to the slot in the drain BEFORE starting laundry - otherwise it is a very real possibility for me to drown in the bathroom!

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