Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Arrived Alive!

Well, I' m here! Finally in Kuwait! My home for the next 10 months. It took a while for everything to be sorted and to actually get here...but such is the way with international jobs, I suppose. I wont bore you with details of my nervousness about whether I would actually make it here, how confusing the whole visa process was, and how desperately I waited to receive my airline ticket...Let's just say August was intense. 

My amigos back home are wanting to know all the details of my travels, so a handy dandy blog should do the trick for informing them =).  

First things first: My Entrance.  

"Excuse me passengers, we have now arrived in Kuwait. Will all those passengers who are disembarking the plane here please do so now, for those of you continuing on please remain seated."

I thought to myself, FINALLY. Longest plane ride ever. Never again do I want to repeat THAT experience.Well not until June anyway.  I stumbled off the plane mumbling my thanks to the lovely flight attendants and the Captain, so exhausted, eyes drooping. Then it hit me. I am HERE. What a wake up call that was. Suddenly alive with adrenaline, I nervously followed the herd of people. I was sincerely hoping that they were heading to customs/baggage claim because I had no idea where I was going.  After waiting inline for 35 minutes passport/work visa in hand, 

"Miss your visa is not Valid go see number 17." Heart sinks. Pressure drops. Colour runs out of my face. 

Number 17....Number 17...Number 17...Ah there it is. At least there is no line?

I hand my documents over, gulping. Maybe the other one had it wrong? 

"Miss you needed to get this stamped by the embassy."

"No, it doesn't say that anywhere. My employer told me I didn't have to." 

"Miss yes."

"I have everything else on the list stamped!!" Tears are now running down my face, and I am thinking to myself: I don't even have a phone number to call her, how am I supposed to get back...what do I do?!?!?!

Wipe face. Deep breath. "What do I need to do?"
"You have your criminal record check stamped?" 

"Yes, here!"

"Okay, this once, for you *Stamp - Stamp* Go."

Stammering my thanks, at my unbelievable luck, I rush out to baggage claim. 

Two words: Gong Show

My bags were already off the belt in a heap in the corner. Find one, find the other, head out to the meeting point. I have never seen so many people in my life. The one person I am looking for, is the one person I cannot find. So I head over to a post and wait...10 mins...getting nervous...15 minutes...where is shee??? Ah there she is! A sim card set up and a brisk jaunt in the blazing heat and we are in the SUV on the way to my new home!

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